Retrospect meets NOW! Vision driven by 4 decades of Rally

Established by Terry Pankhurst former 1981 British Group 1 & 2022 BTRDA B12 rally champion.

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The original Dimma 205 was designed and produced by Baudouin Michele, Dimma Design Belgium in 1985 and the styling was based on the World Rally Championship winning 205 T16 Group B rally car.

The Dimma
205 body kit was approved and promoted by Peugeot themselves, the then boss of the Peugeot Sport competition department, Jean Toddt (Now top man at the FIA) even had one as his company car.

In 1986 Terry Pankhurst became the UK agent for Dimma and as well as setting up a network of Peugeot Main agents selling new Dimma converted 205’s he also built a number of highly modified specials including a Dimma 205 4x4 Cosworth. The specials featured in magazines throughout the world and included Turbo versions, 16v and even a supercharged version. In total, Dimma UK built around two hundred and fifty Dimma 205’s and a lot of those cars are still around today, becoming sought after and valuable as they were the dream machine of many at that time.

Other successful Dimma conversions followed, with Terry taking the mantle and designing new kits from his Cheshire base. A Toolmaker by trade, Terry has a lifetime of experience of building race, rally and high performance road cars and is also an experienced rally driver/instructor. The Dimma conversions have always been about improving the original car not only in looks, but in performance and handling. It has always been important to deliver a car that is as well rounded as an original production car, but for the customer that wants something special.


Introducing Project NOW

The aim is about producing a brand new version of the Classic Dimma 205, performance, handling and styling has moved on and the idea is to embrace new technology and apply it to retro cool. The new version is faster, wider and more aggressive looking than the original, but remains instantly recognisable. Back in the day, Dimma UK would buy new-crated 405 MI 16 engines from the factory and install them into the 205’s, why? Because it was better! This time we are going an awful lot further... Almost everything is modern, mechanical and electrical, including the interior. It comes, brand new, from the current Peugeot 308Gti and its all being fitted into an original 205 body. The track is wider, the direct injection 1.6 Turbo engine is currently running 300bhp, it has a 6 speed gearbox, huge brakes and 19” wheels. The 308Gti is a fantastic car, but this Dimma is around 400 KG lighter so the all round performance improvements are highly significant. The Now Dimma 205 is aimed at being a road legal modern classic, with the ability to deliver stunning driveability and performance on the road or on a circuit trackday.